Shipping policy

The orders are tried from Monday until Friday, from the 9 to the 11 of the morning.
Is prayed to notice what on the introduced Fridays orders afternoon, Saturday and Sunday they will be elaborated on Monday morning.
The orders Express that are inserted in the afternoon in Thursday will be elaborated and sent on Friday.
Since SDA does not operate during the weekend, these orders generally are delivered after the weekend.
Times of delivery respected after the order: European Union: 8-10 working days. As soon as the pack leaves our warehouse, you will receive an e-mail automatic with the number of forwarding SDA to follow the state of the delivery.
Other countries: about 12 working days.
It is prayed to bear in mind that in case of deliveries out of the European Union the orders are elaborated, but they are not sent the same day.
The packs must cross the customs before being able to be quick.
This passage usually asks about 3/4 days.
For this reason, generally they are needed more or fewer 10 days beforehand the pack reaches the destination.
Italian sartorius Emmeelle will not be able to be a responsible deduction for delays in the forwarding caused at problems to the international customs, with delays of the messenger or other circumstances beyond the control of the society itself.
We inform it that the orders with more than one article might be sent at different warehouses.
This implies the possibility that it receives more than one pack.