Terms of service


1. The Terms and Conditions set out below apply to any operation of delivery of the Seller. This implies a binding acceptance by Buyer of the Terms and Conditions.
2. Any term or condition in general, contrary to what is reported here and proposed by the Buyer become part of the agreement only if Seller has accepted them, or has intention to accept them in writing (that is, not in the manner implied). The Seller will not accept the Terms and conditions of the Buyer, unless these have been or will be accepted in writing. .



1. All offers of the Seller are subject to change.
2. The prices are net, plus value-added tax as per law. In addition, the Buyer will be charged for the costs of packaging, carriage, expenses such as customs duties and other shipping costs. Special supplements are calculated for individual orders and custom.
3. Any verbal agreement, in particular, is carried out with local retailers, representatives, or employees of the showroom, require explicit written confirmation by Seller to the order to become binding for the Seller.
4. The rearranging in the framework of an order is permitted only upon prior written agreement.



1. The Seller has the right to make partial deliveries. The Buyer accepts partial deliveries, even if not required provided that the subsequent delivery is made within the delivery period agreed upon after the receipt of the respective partial deliveries.
2. The Seller will not engage in ever conclude a sale that must be performed in a given time. The delivery times indicated are estimated, and express only delivery times are approximate. If, in particular cases, it has been agreed to, in writing, a specific time of delivery, it is deemed to be satisfied if the articles to be delivered were shipped within the deadline or if the Buyer has been informed of the availability of the goods in cases where the Buyer undertakes to withdraw the order by itself.
3. Force majeure and other extraordinary events that are outside of the control of the Seller and that make delivery within the estimated period of time significantly more difficult or impossible, such as strike, illness, disruption to business operations by pre-suppliers, can prolong the delivery times for the duration of such interference. The Seller must inform the Buyer of the occurrence of such event, as soon as the Seller is able to predict that they will have an impact on delivery times. At the same time, the Seller specifies the expected duration of the extension of the delivery period that is necessary. In these cases of non-availability, the Seller has the right to withdraw from the contract if it has not yet been satisfied. Immediately after being informed of non-availability, the Seller should inform the Buyer if it intends to withdraw from the contract.
4. If the Seller is in delay with a delivery, he will be granted a further 18 days to deliver. At the end of these additional days, if the delivery has not yet been made, the Buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract only and only for the part of the delivery obligation which has not yet been satisfied, if the Purchaser notifies the Seller in writing that it will refuse to fulfill contractual obligations if, after the expiry of a further 18 days, the delivery has not been made yet. In this case, the Buyer can only claim damages for non-fulfilment instead of exercising the right of withdrawal if the Seller or its vicarious agents have intentionally or through gross negligence caused the delay of delivery. In exceptional cases, in case of delay in delivery, partial due to the Seller, the Buyer has the right, under the conditions mentioned above, to withdraw from the entire contract or demand compensation because of non-fulfillment of the obligation of delivery, if the partial performance of the contract is of no interest to the Buyer, by applying rigorous evaluation criteria.



1. All articles must start from the warehouse of the Seller. The place of fulfilment for all services under the Contract of delivery is the address of the warehouse of the Seller.
2. The Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs, including all incidental charges (such as customs duties and packaging).
3. With the transfer of the items to the Buyer, to the forwarder, carrier or any other individual or entity commissioned to perform the shipment, and in any case not prior to departure from the warehouse, the risks are transferred to the Buyer. The Seller is responsible only for defects with regard to the packaging of the product, its delivery or the choice of the means or of the transport path, in the event the Seller or its vicarious agents have acted wilfully or by gross negligence.
4. The Seller is obliged to insure the shipment only if the Buyer requires it expressly. The costs are borne by the Buyer.
5. If the shipment of the goods delayed for a reason that is not the responsibility of the Seller the risk is transferred to the Buyer at the time of notification that shipment is ready to leave. In this case, the Seller has the right to place the item into the delivery at the expense and risk of the Purchaser and at the discretion of the Seller and ask for the immediate payment of the amount of the invoice.
6. If the Buyer does not accept the items sent, or not accept them for the time, the Buyer shall bear all the consequent additional transport costs and will bear the costs of storage. The Seller reserves the right to charge these costs separately.



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