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Emmeelle Italian tailoring from the innovative polo shirt to elegant men's shirts

Emmeelle is an ancient tradition of Italian tailoring. Over the years and with the very specific purpose of making quality wear even outside national borders, it has created its own men's clothing in sizes. To date, the choice of the brand is enjoying great success making its way to America, Canada and Asia. The philosophy is to sell quality garments to wear on the best occasions, as well as in everyday life, discovering the comfort and wearability of a tailored garment, but made in sizes. Emmeelle's garments are made with quality materials, but above all with great attention to detail. Each collection is unique and inimitable. On the other hand, the strong sartorial tradition is expressed in the craftsmanship, albeit with recourse to processing techniques and latest generation machinery. Everything is about finding the right balance between innovation and tradition. For example, the buttons are still attached one by one with a needle and thread, to offer great resistance and, consequently, the right quality for an artisan garment such as men's shirts. A team of young Italian designers takes care of the appearance of the garments following the trends of the moment or creating real innovative garments such as the Polo shirt, Shorts or trousers with an elastic waistband. What makes us proud beyond the production entirely made in our laboratories in the province of Messina, is the choice of raw materials. For example, the cottons are by Sartori and Albini, the wools from Biella by Drago and Vitale Barberis Canonico, not suppliers, but real partners that contribute to the success of the company. Finally, attention to detail. Today we are used to buying garments that are folded as best as possible and stuffed into anonymous bags. Emmeelle is also attentive to the packaging of her garments, offering a further pampering. The packaging is innovative and customized for each customer. Essential and long-lasting garments that differ from the anonymous and poor quality products found on the market. Buy now the real Italian quality for over 30 years.