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Active brown men's trousers cotton gabardine

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 Ogni capo è realizzato per durare oltre 1000 lavaggi
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Size conversion

European size 44 46 48 50 52 54
French size 38 40 42 44 46 48
American/English size 28 30 32 34 36 38

ACTIVE - Men's trousers with elastic waistband

44 46 48 50 52 54
WAIST (1) 80 cm 84 cm 86 cm 92 cm 94 cm 100 cm
50 cm
50 cm
50 cm
50 cm
56 cm
56 cm
109 cm
110 cm
110 cm
110 cm
112 cm
112 cm

(1) This model of men's trousers with elastic waistband can widen in the waist by 2 cm beyond the indicated width. If your size is exactly the size indicated in the table, we recommend that you buy an extra size.

(2) In addition, our pants are enriched with a special internal seam that will allow you to have a lapel of 5 cm always ready and perfect.

Please also be advised that Emmeelle Sartoria Italiana staff is available for any doubt or clarification regarding the size by contacting our whatsapp customer service at +393280216991 . We are available Monday to Friday from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm and Saturday from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm.

Care and maintenance

Washing a man's garment always requires a certain knowledge of some basic rules, useful not only in practice but also to obtain an impeccable final result. First of all it is always advisable to check the label on the inside, where you will find written if the garment is to be washed in the washing machine or by hand. Then we will analyze according to the degree of dirt or stains the behavior to be adopted.

The stains

If there are stains on your garment, the first thing to do is to pre-treat the fabric by hand with Marseille soap (or with specific products known as stain release products), avoiding rubbing too vigorously. Then, go on to the washing operation by hand or in the washing machine according to the label.

Temperature in the washing machine

Always choose the temperature of the machine wash carefully. Usually this should not exceed 30-40 degrees centigrade. The exact value is however usually shown on either side of the label.

Detergents and bleaches

Very important is the choice of the most suitable detergent. With dark colours, moreover, it is advisable to button the garments and inside out, so as to preserve the integrity of the colour. With regard to bleach, on the other hand, its use should certainly be avoided, otherwise the fabric, especially the most delicate and fragile one, will deteriorate immediately.


To obtain a garment without too many folds, it is better to use a clothes hanger rather than a dryer. The latter would in fact lead to a safe shrinkage of the garment, while a clothes hanger, on the contrary, will facilitate the subsequent ironing operation, saving time and a better final result.

Emmeelle sartoria Italiana® guarantees delivery within 3/5 working days for orders placed Monday to Friday' before 16:00. Deliveries are made during office hours from Monday to Friday, the courier will make 2 delivery attempts.


DHL express or UPS or SDA: Free of charge


DHL Express: Free

EUROPE 2 (Norway and Switzerland)

DHL Express: 20€


DHL Express: 30€

Return terms and costs:

You can decide to return any product purchased within 30 days from the delivery of the order, except"MASKS" for hygienic and sanitary reasons. Warning: before making a return, make sure that the products are in the same condition in which you received them. The cost of the return parcel pick-up service is free of charge except in some areas of the world, where a small fee will be charged and deducted directly from the amount of the returned goods. Remember that the time required to view the refund on your account depends on the card issuer. If your return does not meet the conditions listed, the package will be returned at your expense and the refund will not be made.


  • Fabric: 98% Cotton Gabardine 2% stretch,
  • Details: trousers with elastic waistband and internal drawstring,
  • Buttoning: With snap button and internal drawstring,
  • Color: brown,
  • Fit: modern,
  • Pockets: front welt and back double welt,
  • Manufacturing: produced and packaged by Emmeelle sartoria Italiana®,
  • Seasonality: this trouser can be used all year round.

ACTIVE the perfect blend of elegance and comfort.

The men's trousers ACTIVE is the revolution for the modern man and dynamic, looking for a versatile trouser and comfortable, who does not want to give up a formal and trendy style.

✔ Elegant and trendy design.

✔ It fits perfectly as if it were tailor-made.

✔ Suitable for any occasion.



The fit of these trousers is incredible, thanks to the special internal drawstring it will perfectly adapt to anyone who wears it, as if it were made to measure.


Made of 98% cotton gabardine and 2% stretch, these trousers are super stretchy and can be elastic e resistant. We have also embellished it with unique sartorial details such as: front welt pockets and back double welt pockets, hand sewn buttons, handmade drawstring strings and 5cm sartorial turn-ups on the bottom.


Active has brilliantly passed all the flexibility and comfort tests it has been subjected to. As the most versatile and comfortable men's trousers ever, you can wear it for work thanks to its elegant and essential design, but it can also comfortably keep you company ALL day long.

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