How to take sartorial measures for your trousers

If you're ordering a sartorial pantsuit, the only way to make sure you're vending to perfection is create your own custom fit by defining the measurements of your body.

Even if you don't have any experience in tailoring, or it's the first time you use the subway tailor, following these simple steps point by point, you'll be able to take the necessary sartorial measurements. What do you need? A friend and a metre tailorWe'll think about it, " he said.

step 1

Circumference life

It measures the circumference of life four fingers under the navel, even in this case it avoids holding its breath. Make sure the yardstick is aligned horizontally and controls that the pants do not interfere with the measurement.

step 2

Circumference basin

It measures the circumference of the basin at the widest point, usually at half the height of the gluteum, keeping the meter well aligned horizontally.

step 3

Inner leg length

Take your shoes off and extend your legs slightly. Measure from the highest central point of the thigh (at the height of the horse) to the ground, following the natural line of the inner leg. Keep the yardstick adhering to the body.

step 4

Circumference circumference

It measures the circumference of both thighs just below the horse and inseriates the greater value between the two. Make sure the metro is aligned horizontally!


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