What do they look like and where to buy washable fabric masks?

One thing is certain, the mask will still be for a long time an indispensable "accessory" to wear at all times. Why not do it in style?

The question we at Emmeelle sartoria Italiana asked ourselves was precisely this: in fact, we have added a special section dedicated to them to our fashion and men's clothing collections.

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Armed with good passion, attention to detail and with what are our means, then with needle and thread, Emmeelle Italian tail oring has converted its production in the manufacture of washable fabric masks.

Characteristics and model of our fabric masks

Caratteristiche mascherine lavabili Emmeelle sartoria Italiana

In fact, our masks have been designed with the intent to have a product capable of not letting any type of bacteria pass through but at the same time to create a fashion accessory for men of all respect. For the packaging of this article we use a special three-layer structure that consists of inserting between the two sides of visible fabric, a layer of non-woven fabric or tnt. This has made it possible to create a real protective barrier for anyone who wears it, unlike the classic surgical masks, which are less resistant, but above all impossible to wash and sterilize and therefore not reusable.

The innovation of our fabric masks is the neck lace.

mascherina in tessuto lavabile e riutilizzabile

In addition to the particular model with three stars, of which our mask is composed, another feature that has made it particularly famous is the neck lace. This has meant that whoever wears it does not feel the constant weight around the ears even when it is not required to wear it. An example could be? If we are in the car alone and we don't need the mask, just unhook it and it will remain attached to the neck through our neck lace.

Another important factor is the possibility of not forgetting it around, how many of us haven't already? That's why it will be enough to unhook it from the ears to stay attached to the neck lace so that we always have it available when we need it.


Available colors and variants

Vendita mascherine lavabili in tessuto Emmeelle sartoria italiana

To date there are three colours available on our ecommerce: beige, denim blue and dark blue. This does not mean that on request of our customers we can have fun with other colors. Fundamental characteristic and undisputed sign of style is certainly our iconic logo embroidered on the side, which gives elegance and refinement.

How to sterilize the mask?

Boil a little water and soak it, then spread them out and let them dry, then iron them at high temperature; good, now your mask is ready to be used again.

Last advice that we at Emmeelle sartoria Italiana feel we can give you and be responsible. Let's use the mask and the basic protections, together we'll get out of it and go back to our daily lives.

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